Experimental and deep electronics: Miktek is Mihalis A. born in Greece (Mytilene, Lesvos Island) in 1983. With a great number of infuences project Miktek was created in 2007 as a way of expression. Exploring various soundscapes, styles, atmospheres, loops and combining daily images with music, his sound depends on life, psychology, various emotions like anger, sadness and hapiness. “Every track and a different story”.

Releases on Abstrakt Reflections

Anisotropy (2011)
[CATALOG] :: AR_012

Abstrakt Reflections is honored to announce the release of Miktek‘s first full-length album, “Anisotropy“. Meticulously crafted from beginning to end; featuring unique percussion, palpable atmosphere and subtle melodies. This highly anticipated release is sure to please fans of ambient, down-tempo and IDM music.

Speculations (2010)
[CATALOG] :: AR_002

Speculations is Miktek‘s second EP, but his first release for Abstrakt Reflections. By drawing his influences from a wide spectrum of electronic music styles, he started producing his own sounds in 2002 under several names. Speculations gives you a great impression of his recent works, by creating a special, spooky atmosphere infused with solid and deep beats.

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