No Landscape Survives
Quantums of Inconsistency (2017)
Submersion (2017)
Primal (2017)
Tanaha (2017)
Phobia (2017)
Mistakes of Anima (2017)
vulnerabilis (2017)
Nyctalope Ponies (2016)
Kojito (2016)
Obscene Symmetry (2016)
Saturn Machine (2016)
Auftakt (2016)
Home (2016)
Over (2016)
Ancient Manifesto (2016)
Scntst (2016)
Tulpa (2016)
Monster X
Democracy (2016)
Behind the Line (2016)
Konstantin Klem
Steps (2016)
Various Artists
Field Emitter (2015)
Various Artists
Antibody (2015)
Cyborgraph (2015)
Andrew Course
Phoenix Down (2015)
Noise Theory (2015)
The Ghost of 3.13
Don't Look Back (2015)
My Gloomy Machine
Adaptation (2015)
Broken Thoughts
Wave Function Collapse (2015)
Graviton (2015)
Conjuro (2015)
Mad Fuckerz (2015)
Label boss c0ma brings it in sinister style with "Mad Fuckerz" - summoning his first release on Abstrakt Reflections and embedded amongst an array of imaginative reinterpretations from the underground’s most experimental minds.
Digital Dust (2015)
6SISSDigital Dust generates erratic drums and clashing instruments with faintly sliced and diced rhythms to balance its busted gloomy mood. However 6SISS is not an orthodox musician who would like to confine himself into the borders of a definitive genre. He is a nature who prefers to go across different sonic territories – from immersive noise-soaked compositions and horrifying industrial visions to gritty techno and breakbeat-tinged background realms, from quasi-minimalism to glitch-y electronic experiments. In a word, this 11-notch issue can be considered a part of cerebral dance music full of challenging patterns and varicoloured webs.
Chemical Shepherd (2015)
It is in a world of highly interconnected sound objects in which “chemical shepherd” puts us. Opening yawning chaos and putting us back in emptiness through acid springs. Never stopping the reorganisation of space with a constant mastering of its speed. Lokom‘s music bubbles like washing liquid on the tired fingers of the housewife. Doors of the universe out of their hinges, skeleton and empty boxes shivering, his vibrations float freely in the infinite ocean of the machines’ possibilities. Displacing huge masses of water at each stroke of oars, his sounds hits in the stomach and thrives melodic glimmers in the form of luminescent plankton. Trying to escape, unrestrained, with fear, the ideas rush like sounds in a desolated world filled with empty space, undefined.
Flint Kids
Sancerre (2014)
"The Sancerre EP is akin to moss growing on the back of a machine. Its existence, the result of natural life struggling to remain in a world dominated by technology, a silken patch coexisting within a jagged reality" and if you believe that you'll believe anything :)-
Unlogic Thing & r.roo
Void (2014)
The result of collaboration by two musical projects Unlogic Thing & r.roo is the creation of a pulsating sphere. It is grim and disturbing, cold and technogenic space. Music replete with choral inserts, breaking rasping beats and jammed glitch. This conjunction leads to the logical upshot. The emptiness and chilly soundscape of the title track "Void" makes the final touch.
Goodbye Hegemony (2014)
We live in Hegemony. This abnormal system where worthless things are valued, and values are pushed into the shadows. Dominated by hypocrisy and manipulated by trends, the system alienates you. It bombards you with empty noise, installing what is good… It has no order, no respect.
23:59 & Sobrio
Mood of Clouds (2014)
Clouds float by the sun, making shadows and shaping figures in the sky, colored by warm beams of the sunset. The clouds look dense from the earth. However, if anyone tries to touch them, they would only find a vague haze getting farther from away, like a skyline. The same happens with "Mood of Clouds" album sound.
nothing (2014)
I've learned to experience feelings when I'm immerse into unreality. Here, they are empty worlds. They are nothing. Flux of colors, sounds, sensations. This chaos starts taking shape only when I begin to feel. Forms filled with sense. I define infinity. With my presence, nothing becomes something.
Constructive (2014)
Constructive - an album about the world of randomized failures and errors of the future which belongs to robots. Attempt of self-understanding through difficult algorithm of sounds of the gone mankind. Digital imitation of emotions of artificial intelligence.
First Rebirth
Inner Darkness, Outer Light (2014)
"Inner Darkness, Outer Light" is the first full-length album (and the second public release) by First Rebirth. It was over two years in the works – from 2011 to 2014 – and finally came out. Everything that's pulled out from the inside, from the deepest depth – that is beyond the limit. That all is brought together in "Inner Darkness, Outer Light".
Homestar (2014)
A thoughtful and nostalgic creation, inspired by star gazing and colourful dreams longing for the world that once existed hundreds of light-years away. Beats emerge from every step in this distant star. Melodies born from every instant that we're not there, in our homestar.
exist (2013)
Images enshroud with vague and seem to recall something. In certain occasions, in this organic life, in exhibits presented for the blind there are together serenity and anxiety, craving for shattered and for holistic, attraction to warm and avoiding of cold. In all of this, there is something in common, something throbbing, something that comes from the ultimate understanding of stunned mind.
Breath (2013)
"Breath" was created over a period of three months, drawing inspiration from the suburban winter cold, Parisian underground stations and post-apocalyptic visions. It offers a confrontation of mankind and machines.
Flint Kids
Day Nil (2013)
Day Nil is an amalgam of contradictions, sharp yet globular, manic but neatly ordered. A place where asymmetry and uniformity manage to dwell in harmony.
Rekonstruktions (2012)
* a thing that has been rebuilt after being damaged or destroyed: comparison between the original and the reconstruction.
Synthetic Violence
Our Heaven (2012)
Our heaven” is a secret place deep inside you, a personal world, a dream… It is a place where you are not alone. Place, where you are so happy that you want to cry. Place, where you can love and be loved.
Linaer Phénoma (2012)
Linaer Phénoma is an exploration of the sound and its relationship with certain languages and genres. It becomes the first attempt of Pablo Rosero to achieve reflection through creative processes.
No.Future (2012)
It is a story about schizoid personality disorder and the overcoming of it. When all the colors of life become gray and black, I still have a little piece of inner heaven. In anhedonia, the emotionless searching of calm in deep hollows of ones own soul. Inside an unbreakable shell, the light of hope always shines. The hope that I will never lose. The hope became thousands of bright sounds, escaping from every dusty corner.
Cyber Electronic Panacea (2012)
Acnode presents his third full-album entitled "Cyber Electronic Panacea". Acnode himself describes this work as "the immersion of life into mechanics" - the concept of this project is mainly inspired by cybernetics implantations in life society.
It Was The Sun
Miasmic Glare (2012)
David Mosher of It Was The Sun brings to you, his debut album, "Miasmic Glare". Delirious atmospheres, nostalgic melodies, and sexy beats take you through an alien landscape of digital textures and disjointed rhythms that are sure to have you nodding your head and questioning the significance of your existence. Ennui has never felt so groovy.
Ghosts in the Clocktower
I: Enroute (2012)
Chapter I. A collection of transmissions from the first portion of our journey: from our earthly launch towards rendezvous with the errant spaceship The Clocktower somewhere in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. Cold, organic ambient atmospheres mixed with melodic, technical IDM.
UNTTLD (2012)
It's music that could easily be described as electronica glitch or ambient. This album was built between summer 2011 and spring 2012. This is a work on the loop, using repetition and errors with random noise which interfere with the structure of the tracks. It is the search for catharsis by using sonic errors.
You're Terribly Late
The Killing Distance (2012)
People always leave. Not just any people, but the people you care for the most. Love, time and space are strange things. When interacting, they become stranger and the consequences can be devastating. When love time and space collide, the distance kills.
A_world_still_[y]ours (2012)
Following his previous and self-released full length album, "Datafeed", A_world_still_[y]ours stands as the debut EP album under Abstrakt Reflections, connecting thoughts and ideas long time embraced with a renewed energy to experiment and improve. As the title suggests, A_world_still_[y]ours works under the shadow of a gray sky and somehow, wrong emotions.
There Is No Yesterday And No Tomorrow (2012)
There's no yesterday, no tomorrow, only the odd moment of now.This moment. I see your breath and my pulse. I'm impulsive. Or it seems to me . I'm in motion. I am the motion by myself. And you are yourself so completely. But forget about your human appearance. And the face you find in the mirror You're just you. Simply you. Slowly you. Unboundly you. Uncanny you. You are your breath. And movement. And wind. Feel the complex structure of yourself...
More Deeply (2012)
Emerging from numerous parties and festivals, Zeuge's sound transformed from straightforward and simple-structured hardcore and breakcore to something extremely tasty. Constructing cold atmospheres, dead beats out of tons of well designed sound, this programmer and composer from the north of Russia represents a kaleidoscope of sonic expressions.
Something For Someone (2011)
Using live instruments as well as all range of electronic devices, Phil constructs the changing, mysterious sonic world. Textured soundscapes, generated of multitude of layers of sounds, segue to long awaited granular and massive beat parts. The musician uses all the hooks of glitch and IDM scene, combining them in a very improvising manner, originating his own, unique style of electronica.
Synthetic Violence
Synthetic Violence is the musician of a rare sonic gift. Releasing his 5th album called "XXVIII VI MCMXCII" Igors once again shows his ability to be very different and very innovative. 10 tracks take you away to the universe of autumn love. Gentle melodies, surrounded by distorted and impressively mixed beats give you the picture of liminal space of love and beauty.
Various Artists
Nothing Left For Us (2011)
At long last, the highly anticipated sophomore compilation from Abstrakt Reflections draws near. Entitled "Nothing Left for Us", this compilation features a veritable "who's who's" of the underground Industrial / IDM scene.
Anisotropy (2011)
Abstrakt Reflections is honored to announce the release of Miktek's first full-length album, "Anisotropy". Meticulously crafted from beginning to end; featuring unique percussion, palpable atmosphere and subtle melodies. This highly anticipated release is sure to please fans of ambient, down-tempo and IDM music.
into a cloud (2011)
r.roo music is all about northern wind gusts, hopeless sky, gloomy clouds and despairing drops raining. Clouds all below, the swarms fall down, heavy, pressing, rain binds and thunder makes deaf. Your body is dipped in cold flow, your motions slow down, you can no longer control yourself.
Taste Of Me(n)tal Universe (2011)
Taste Of Me(n)tal Universe is the debut album from the new Abstrakt Reflections artist Acnode from Kaliningrad, Russia. Shaped with high-frequency percussions, filled with atmospheres made of crystal and lost sounds from space - this album will lead you into a journey into the universe where it gets dark sometimes. Are you willing to take the trip?
Apparent Symmetry
Mourn / Remixed (2010)
Since the release of Mourn, Apparent Symmetry has been gathering remixes from prolific artists around the globe. Now, this highly anticipated remix album is completed. Featuring remixes by Access to Arasaka, Tapage, SE, c0ma, Miktek, Erissoma, Undermathic, Synthetic Violence, Electro Mass, It Was The Sun, Cellar Door & many more!
Organic And Synthetic (2010)
Erissoma really could'nt pick a better title for this EP, which is also his first release for Abstrakt Reflections.
Organic and Synthetic is a very experimental but accomplished work, sensitive, with a very remarkable sound. Luscious and airy Soundscapes, accompanied by clicks & cuts and emphatic beats, which create a lulling atmosphere. Music, made for the broad-minded...

The White Room EP (2010)
After his well received debut album on Abstrakt Reflections, LPF12 returns with "The White Room" and this is not the expected LPF12 sound. Featuring remixes of the AR family (Apparent Symmetry, MikTek and c0ma) + a manipulation by german artist amictric.
Synthetic Violence
Mind Splinters EP (2010)
Mind Splinters is the 3rd release by Synthetic Violence, one of Latvias highly acclaimed producers. He began producing in 2004, starting with Hardcore and switched to Drum and Bass just 2 years later. Mind Splinters shows the lighter and more experimental side of Synthetic Violence and it's a pleasure for us to invite you to his latest work on Abstrakt Reflections.
Inhibition Level (2010)
LPF12 is the solo-project by Sascha Lemon, started in 1993. Don't miss "Inhibition Level" by him, the long awaited debut release, highly recommended to fans of early Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and Front 242. You wont be dissapointed by this one.
Various Artists
Researching Networks (2010)
Researching Networks is our first compilation featuring 16 unreleased tracks by talented and prolific electronic artists from all over the world. After 3 months of researching and contacting the artists, we managed to create this fine mix covering many electronic music styles from IDM to Breakcore; Dark Ambient to Industrial and Noise.
In A Mindset
Compartments EP (2010)
It took him 3 years, until Steven decided to reveal some of his first tracks to the public. During these 3 years he was experimenting, building his equipment in search for his very own sound. "Compartments" is his first official release and more of a precursor for his debut album "Artifacts", to be expected this autumn.
Speculations EP (2010)
Speculations is Miktek's second EP, but his first release for Abstrakt Reflections. By drawing his influences from a wide spectrum of electronic music styles, he started producing his own sounds in 2002 under several names. Speculations gives you a great impression of his recent works, by creating a special, spooky atmosphere infused with solid and deep beats.
Apparent Symmetry
Mourn (2010)
With Mourn, his first official release, Zach AKA Apparent Symmentry blends dreamy soundscapes with sensitive and smooth, sometimes crunchy beats. Influenced by the great minds of Access To Arasaka and Subheim, he conveys a unique atmosphere, dark and beautiful at the same time, but without being just another copycat.

About the label.

Abstrakt Reflections is a platform & netlabel focused on the types we love.

We watch for things more left-field, a creative space for abstract rhythms, otherworldly soundscapes and especially invention in electronic music today.

We are open to anything else anyhow, devoted to high quality electronic music with a distinctive sound. Being creative and doing everything with heart is what we stand for.


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