Blutspan: A_world_still_[y]ours

Blutspan - A_world_still_[y]ours

Following his previous and self-released full length album, “Datafeed“, A_world_still_[y]ours stands as the debut EP album under Abstrakt Reflections, connecting thoughts and ideas long time embraced with a renewed energy to experiment and improve. As the title suggests, A_world_still_[y]ours works under the shadow of a gray sky and somehow, wrong emotions. Each track is an invitation to explore the world of Blutspan, highly motivated and fueled by Jorge’s own personal world, wether it’s about star gazing, spaceships that crashes into someone’s home world or persons who are broken beyond repair… the metaphors are always there, in every note from the distant pads or any distorted glitched beat. No matter how f**cked up things are, this world is still ours. Remixes on the track also stand up for this. They’re not just a re-interpretation, they’re also a statement, this is us, this is our world!

  • 01. Down to Earth
  • 02. Astrae
  • 03. Damaged Controls
  • 04. Down to Earth (Tim Ballista Remix)
  • 05. Kryptophagia
  • 06. Damaged Controls (c0ma Remix)
  • 07. A Near Galaxy
  • 08. Threnody
  • 09. Down to Earth (VNDL Remix)
  • 10. Kryptophagia (LOTHUS Remix)
  • 11. Threnody (r.roo Remix)
  • 12.She is Broken Beyond Repair… Though I tried.
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    Release Information
    • CATALOG: AR_018
    • RELEASE_DATE: May 3, 2012
    • TYPE: EP + Remixes
    • LENGTH: 56:44
    • Mastering by Fernando Juarez
    • Photography by Jay-Long
    • Artwork by Jorge Gomez A.