Ghosts in the Clocktower

Ghosts in the Clocktower
The Clocktower was an interplanetary spacecraft designed to travel to the Sagittarius-Carina Arm of the Milky Way. For reasons unknown, the ship ceased transmission of data to base some 25 earth years after its departure, before it had even breached the Local Arm. Originally thought a casualty of still quasi-unpredictable interstellar trauma, some years later we began receiving uniformly strange and nonsensical bits of information back from the ships transmitters. It was I, Dan Barrett [commander of the WORMS OF THE EARTH squadron], who was sent by HQ to contact, and ultimately board, The Clocktower and explain the phenomenon. In the terrestrial year of 2006 I took a single occupant shuttle and intercepted it in early ’07. What I found was little more than an empty husk; all signs of crew and life were mysteriously absent. Bizarrely, there was frequent anomalous and mercurial behavior exhibited by the electronic systems. My job was to study, document, and hopefully explain these “ghost” idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately, my mission ended prematurely when I received a fallacious warning of a malfunction in the lower docking bay. I returned to my ship at once, only to be propelled out of the larger carrier craft and thrust into open space. After years of searching, the remnants of my shuttle were recovered and reconfigured in late 2011. Around the same time, HQ enlisted fellow audio scientist Michael Sciortino to assist with the return mission to The Clocktower. In 2012 the mission resumes.

Ghosts in the Clocktower aims to create dark electronic music that captures the grandeur & emptiness of outer space and abandoned space stations through the paradigms of dark ambient, IDM, and industrial.

Releases on Abstrakt Reflections

Ghosts in the Clocktower
I: Enroute (2012)

Chapter I. A collection of transmissions from the first portion of our journey: from our earthly launch towards rendezvous with the errant spaceship The Clocktower somewhere in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. Cold, organic ambient atmospheres mixed with melodic, technical IDM.

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