Writing music for quiet a long time, Zeuge discovered his own vision of sonic philosophy, passing through hardcore and breakcore to his own, actually, unique sound. Originating from Minsk, Dmitriy took part in numerous underground events and festivals all over the european part of ex Soviet Union territories. In 2008-2011 Zeuge was the leader of the top rated promo-group, organizing parties with guest musicians from all over the world.

As the time passed, Dmitry showed himself more like a composer and sound designer, than a dance electronica musician. Leaving hard and straightforward simplicity, Zeuge found his own style on ambient and Hard-IDM territories. Investigating the ultramundane beat structures and distorting all kinds of emotions, this music comes very far from the trespasses of sound, known up to date. His music can be approximately described as a drift to the very different sonic landscapes with all types of human emotions, packed in blast tracks and dark stories.

You always have a choice, whether you want to make a journey to these new dimensions or not. If you follow Zeuge, he will take you away through labyrinth and open spaces and you will come back with the pockets full of magical objects and alien creatures.

Releases on Abstrakt Reflections

Leave The Witch Alone (2021)

More Deeply (2012)
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Abstrakt Reflections is a platform & netlabel focused on the types we love.

We watch for things more left-field, a creative space for abstract rhythms, otherworldly soundscapes and especially invention in electronic music today.

We are open to anything else anyhow, devoted to high quality electronic music with a distinctive sound. Being creative and doing everything with heart is what we stand for.


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