Adrien d’Elzius: Silent Revolution

Adrien d’Elzius: Silent Revolution
New EP “Silent Revolution” from Adrien d’Elzius (formerly known as hosmOz) shows different facets of real IDM music: while taking the roots from the masters of the genre, with the trademark glitches, clicks and cuts, it has its own unique face with all the subtle melodies and atmospheres – and everything between the lines. As everyone else, artists have to find their place and purpose, and in this increasingly cold and surreal world, invaded by artificial intelligence technologies, the task can be delicate. The only revolution worth carrying out is an inner revolution, and the track titles give a clue to where to look to find inspirations from those who can light a candle in our inner chaos.

  • 01. Bukowski’s raw take on himself
  • 02. Sesephos’s view over the hill
  • 03. Leonardo’s coveted secret
  • 04. Rilke’s depth to write on the unwritable
  • 05. Bukowski’s raw take on himself (ADJ remix)
  • 06. Sesephos’s view over the hill (Ruben Void remix)
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Release Information
  • CATALOG: AR_105
  • RELEASE_DATE: September 14, 2023
  • TYPE: EP + Remixes
  • LENGTH: 34:03
  • All tracks written and produced by Adrien d’Elzius
  • Artwork by Adrien d’Elzius
  • Mastering by Ruben Void


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