Bean Machine:

Scrap Brain Material

Bean Machine - Scrap Brain Material
Scrap Brain Material: the name says it all. For his first release with Abstrakt Reflections, Bean Machine> reached into the inner depths of his mind, grabbed whatever he found lying around, slapped it up into his DAW, and promptly tweaked the hell out of it. Just because.

Glitchy sci-fi beats, lush ambience and densely-layered futuristic sound design is the name of the game here. Expect your mind to be knocked for a (Moebius) loop, with more fractured, pointillistic rhythms than you can shake a digital blender full of hamsters at.

Also, the title may or may not also be a reference to a classic 16-bit Sega game. You can be the judge on that one.

  • 01. Vacuum Bag Semolina
  • 02. Squish Head
  • 03. Techno Soup
  • 04. Noodle Funk
  • 05. Metastasis
  • 06. Caught In The Rubber Guard
  • 07. Bubonic Bulldozer
  • 08. Indigo Inversion
  • 09. Rotator Fish
  • 10. The Cyber Razor Cut
  • 11. Kyoto Shimmy
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Release Information
  • CATALOG: AR_084
  • RELEASE_DATE: September 12, 2018
  • TYPE: Album
  • LENGTH: 59:03
  • Music & Sound Design by Jonathan Reamonn
  • Mastering by Andrew Course
  • Artwork by Ciners


Abstrakt Reflections is a platform & netlabel focused on the types we love.

We watch for things more left-field, a creative space for abstract rhythms, otherworldly soundscapes and especially invention in electronic music today.

We are open to anything else anyhow, devoted to high quality electronic music with a distinctive sound. Being creative and doing everything with heart is what we stand for.


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