vulnerabilis (remixes)

closeyoureyes - vulnerabilis (remixed)
vulnerabilis (remixes) is a remix album by closeyoureyes. The album includes remixes from artists from all over the world in different genres from ambient and noisy soundscapes to more classical pieces with violins and pianos. The album keeps the melancholy mood that was declared on “vulnerabilis”, but reveals new potential of original tracks.

  • 01. ddfa (Ivan Shopov Remix)
  • 02. sense of foreboding (Zzy Remix)
  • 03. effort (r.roo Remix)
  • 04. sense of foreboding (Asheelts Remix)
  • 05. regrets (Broken Thoughts Remix)
  • 06. mistake#1 (Ambidextrous Remix)
  • 07. low grade (Powels Lumski Remix)
  • 08. mistake#3 (Woeters Remix)
  • 09. ddfa (Neverlander Remix)
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Release Information
  • CATALOG: AR_082
  • RELEASE_DATE: August 1, 2018
  • TYPE: Remix Album
  • LENGTH: 36:36
  • Mastering by Artyom R.
  • Artwork model: Tina Petrovskaya
  • Artrwork by Eggor Kree


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