EyeScream: No.Future

EyeScream - No.Future

It is a story about schizoid personality disorder and the overcoming of it. When all the colors of life become gray and black, I still have a little piece of inner heaven. In anhedonia, the emotionless searching of calm in deep hollows of ones own soul. Inside an unbreakable shell, the light of hope always shines. The hope that I will never lose. The hope became thousands of bright sounds, escaping from every dusty corner.

The letter (A) in every track – is a “cluster A” in international classification of personality disorders.

Cluster A (odd or eccentric disorders)
Not to be confused with Type A personality.
Paranoid personality disorder: characterized by irrational suspicions and mistrust of others.
Schizoid personality disorder: lack of interest in social relationships, seeing no point in sharing time with others, anhedonia, introspection.
Schizotypal personality disorder: characterized by odd behavior or thinking.

No.Future” is the album about my inner war with myself. It is about all of my lost dreams and people who have disappeared from my life. But I have found something much more beautiful than ghostly relationships between human shadows and my indifferent masks. I have found that the walls between the outer world and my silent fortress were built by myself, and no one can destroy them except me. And when the walls fell down I saw the millions of human suns that have always surrounded me. And I have no future – because I have a perfect NOW.

  • 01. (A)(mong)(the)(ndless)
  • 02. (A)(live)(lone)
  • 03. (A)(voidant)(ttachment)
  • 04. (A)(ny)(thing)(ll)
  • 05. (A)(mbivalent)(bsorption)
  • 06. (A)(Seir)
  • 07. (A)(nd)(We)(Will)(Never).(To)(Be).(Together)
  • 08. (A)(nhedoni)(A)
  • 09. (A)(bused)(bstinence)
  • 10. (A)(ir)(bberation)
  • 11. (A)(nd)(No)(thing)(Remains)
  • 12. (A)(ut)(ro)
  • 13. (A)(voidant)(ttachment) (r.roo remix)
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    Release Information
    • CATALOG: AR_024
    • RELEASE_DATE: December 12, 2012
    • TYPE: Full Album
    • LENGTH: 58:21
    • Composed and recorded by Andrey Novikov
    • Voice in #3: Ir.Bo / Mastering: r.roo
    • Artwork: theposthuman
    • Photography: Roman Sedov


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