~Liv: Linaer Phénoma

~Liv - Linaer Phénoma

Linaer Phénoma is an exploration of the sound and its relationship with certain languages and genres. It becomes the first attempt of Pablo Rosero to achieve reflection through creative processes.

Ambient music, glitch, IDM and written tradition of contemporary music are direct referrals of the ~ Liv project. The affinity with electronic music occurs in an introverted realm, away from the dance and recreational circles, a realm where the immediacy of the timbral, rithmic and formal material seeks the concentrated presence of the spectator as well as the creator.

In ~Liv, sounds are programed through parameters that automatize decision making. Human factor is one of the elements involved, but not the most important one. This aesthetical resource has the value of cracking the idea of a machine generating artificial, barely human products (artificial under the meaning of inorganic and lacking sense).

~Liv attempts to find in machine’s artificial intelligence an expressive and direct language.

The visual content of ~Liv project was developed in constant connection with the sound material. The dialog between both universes (visual and sound), generates different readings and a time-space relationship somehow more physical, less abstract.

  • 01. Sdet
  • 02. Nebula Hmlovina
  • 03. Espejos de Piedra
  • 04. Arcilla Marmolada
  • 05. Ice
  • 06. Canvas
  • 07. Deks
  • 08. Arcilla Marmolada (remix dedicado a Autechre)
  • 09. Teoplan
  • 10. Vertex for Quads
  • 11. Linaer
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    Release Information
    • CATALOG: AR_025
    • RELEASE_DATE: December 21, 2012
    • TYPE: Full Album
    • LENGTH: 65:45
    • Concept, music, sound design, artwork & visual programming by ~Liv (Pablo Rosero)
    • Mastered by Macciochi [Subvert Central Mastering]


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