Lokom: Chemical Shepherd

Lokom - Chemical Shepherd
It is in a world of highly interconnected sound objects in which “Chemical Shepherd” puts us. Opening yawning chaos and putting us back in emptiness through acid springs. Never stopping the reorganisation of space with a constant mastering of its speed. Lokom‘s music bubbles like washing liquid on the tired fingers of the housewife. Doors of the universe out of their hinges, skeleton and empty boxes shivering, his vibrations float freely in the infinite ocean of the machines’ possibilities. Displacing huge masses of water at each stroke of oars, his sounds hits in the stomach and thrives melodic glimmers in the form of luminescent plankton.

Trying to escape, unrestrained, with fear, the ideas rush like sounds in a desolated world filled with empty space, undefined.

  • 01. Frey
  • 02. NZNZNZ
  • 03. Syr4
  • 04. Zion
  • 05. Xanax
  • 06. Soporific
  • 07. Optical Engineering
  • 08. Belinda
  • 09. Alpha 3
  • 10. Third Science
  • 11. 5ilent
  • 12. Off 67
  • 13. Cyanure
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    Release Information
    • CATALOG: AR_039
    • RELEASE_DATE: March 27, 2015
    • TYPE: Full Album
    • LENGTH: 57:28
    • All music produced by Lokom
    • Artwork by Sarge GrafX
    • Mastering by Frank Riggio


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