Molez: Saturn Machine

Molez: Saturn Machine
In the last few years Molez has been experimenting with sonification processes trying to make newer sounds.

His process involves creating pictures from sounds and sounds from pictures through digital noise. These digital noises/sounds are very intensive and hard to work with but the result is something odd and unique.

This album is his 4th effort with this raw procedure but with the difference that this is the first time he made the music around the digital noises and not the other way around. The method of making raw noises is sometimes unpredictable, the sounds are beyond control. The result is repetitive digital terror.

Saturn Machine” references to the process that is going on in front of our eyes but still they’re not telling us everything about it.

  • 01. Particles
  • 02. The Gateway
  • 03. Global Harness
  • 04. Ongoing Research
  • 05. Manifestation of Evil
  • 06. Dimensional Distortion
  • 07. The Devil is in the Details
  • 08. Something May Come Through
  • 09. Technological Side of the Beast
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Release Information
  • CATALOG: AR_061
  • RELEASE_DATE: October 31, 2016
  • TYPE: Full Album
  • LENGTH: 37:55
  • Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Róbert Molnár Megyeri
  • Artwork by THEPOSTHUMAN


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