Ralax: Tulpa

Ralax: Tulpa
The album’s basic concept is a resurrection of a dream’s mental object, and its subsequent materialization thru the trial of alchemical transformations. Over time, the dream transits into reality, and two forever separated worlds of creator and his creation wonderfully become one.

Tulpa is an impersonated idea, some kind of inner-seeing and even inner-feeling image produced by human’s imagination. The term is used in buddhism and occult practices.

Aside from dreams and fantasies, a ritual murder of an author’s friend has made its impact on an album’s atmosphere. By the cover of careless youth, she left this world in 2012.

  • 01. Evelin Bones
  • 02. While We Dance in Our Dreams
  • 03. Make My Face
  • 04. Destructive Body
  • 05. Kiss to the Corpse of Passion
  • 06. Nothing Can Stop Us
  • 07. Two Flames of One Fire
  • 08. Nothing Can Stop Us (Broken Thoughts Remix)
  • 09. While We Dance in Our Dreams (r.roo Remix)
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Release Information
  • CATALOG: AR_055
  • RELEASE_DATE: April 26, 2016
  • TYPE: Full Album
  • LENGTH: 40:33
  • Mixed and Mastered by Ralax
  • Alisa Norilor – Vocal on track 3, 5
  • Kasov – Guitar
  • Photography: Nik Merkulov
  • Cover Model: Ann (R.I.P)


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