V/A: Researching Networks

[AR_004] V/A. - Researching Networks

Researching Networks is our first compilation featuring 16 unreleased tracks by talented and prolific electronic artists from all over the world. After 3 months of researching and contacting the artists, we managed to create this fine mix covering many electronic music styles from IDM to Breakcore; Dark Ambient to Industrial and Noise.

With this first sampler, we are about to clearly show the direction of the label.

  • 01. Erissoma – Sampteh
  • 02. Maffick – Post
  • 03. FAKTOR4 – Mercury
  • 04. Miktek – Double Negative
  • 05. In A Mindset – Lapsed
  • 06. Nikka – BlackDeath 1348
  • 07. MyNDSETER – Weld
  • 08. c0ma – Awaking (For Jay)
  • 09. Apparent Symmetry – S-Time Lapse
  • 10. Monsieur l’Antéchrist – C’est Fini Pour Aujourd’hui
  • 11. SEC 1nine13 – Six Minutes in Space (sec Version)
  • 12. e0nic – In The Grove Of Dead Trees
  • 13. LPF12 – Needless
  • 14. Furthest From The Cold – Swell (Remix by In A Mindset)
  • 15. LOTHUS – Voltaiko
  • 16. Logical Disorder – Corporation
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    Release Information
    • CATALOG: AR_004
    • RELEASE_DATE: April 2, 2010
    • TYPE: Various Artists
    • LENGTH: 79:23


    About the label.

    Abstrakt Reflections is a platform & netlabel focused on the types we love.

    We watch for things more left-field, a creative space for abstract rhythms, otherworldly soundscapes and especially invention in electronic music today.

    We are open to anything else anyhow, devoted to high quality electronic music with a distinctive sound. Being creative and doing everything with heart is what we stand for.


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