Insect Life Cycles

Troxellemott - Insect Life Cycles
Insect Life Cycles is Troxellemott’s debut EP. It will guide you through the process of holometabolous development of an insect, a track for each stage.

The music makes you feel the rustle of insect wings, taking away your human skin. Forms are crashed by the narrative, narrative breaks up by forms. Within the tracks architecture you can hear flinging and hesitations in the flow of natural processes. Track by track you’re invited to explore your personality antipodes and face your fears, as for ex. the artist’s primeval centipedes phobia.

  • 01. Before. Fear (Egg)
  • 02. Coffeeless Morning (Larva)
  • 03. Mechanical Crows Are Watching You (Pupa)
  • 04. Broken Lullaby (Adult)
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Release Information
  • CATALOG: AR_083
  • RELEASE_DATE: August 16, 2018
  • TYPE: EP
  • LENGTH: 16:31
  • Music by Troxellemott
  • Mastering by r.roo
  • Photography by Mok Youn Fai
  • Artwork by Tyona Tell


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