Vladimir Belayev: Replika

Vladimir Belayev: Replika
“The daily world exists only because we know how to hold its images.” – Carlos Castaneda ©

This album was written over a two-year period with a great amount of effort and psychological experiences, inner turmoil – I understood that I was falling into an abyss with no bottom… no bottom…

Replika” offers many doors to other dimensions, to other universes, and to other worlds. This is the starting point of an endless journey through the secrets of the universe, where each track is a separate journey through different worlds.

This album was recorded using analog and digital synthesis with instruments such as KORG PROPHESY, KORG M3, and KORG-Z1.

  • 01. Critical Accretion
  • 02. Replika
  • 03. Ro#
  • 04. Split Personality
  • 05. Void I
  • 06. History Form
  • 07. Celestial Sphere
  • 08. Memory of the North
  • 09. Captain Blood
  • 10. Echoes
  • 11. Void II
  • 12. Karma
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Release Information
  • CATALOG: AR_095
  • RELEASE_DATE: October 30, 2019
  • TYPE: Album
  • LENGTH: 60:08
  • Composed, mixed and mastered by Vladimir Belayev
  • Artwork by Axel Zohell


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