VNDL: Something for Someone

VNDL - Something for Someone

Phlilippe Vandal is a young man from Canada. Phil has already signed 2 full-length albums on such competent labels as Hymen Records and Raumklang Music. However, VNDL presents his first EP album on Abstrakt Reflections.

In his debut release, VNDL shows all the shining facets of his unique and organic style. Using live instruments as well as all range of electronic devices, Phil constructs the changing, mysterious sonic world. Textured soundscapes, generated of multitude of layers of sounds, segue to long awaited granular and massive beat parts. The musician uses all the hooks of glitch and IDM scene, combining them in a very improvising manner, originating his own, unique style of electronica. The reality, constructed by VNDL, takes you away to the world of futuristic vehicles, cybernetic cities and unknown environment. The details of the sound are so numerous and so vital, that you will probably go deep enough through the stories this music tells. Like the authentic artist, VNDL uses all the impressions of the last year of his life to make the album sound with deep emotional supply.

The long awaited EP “Something for Someone” also contains a split work with Access to Arasaka, whom VNDL calls his biggest inspiration.

  • 01. Don’t Forget the Machine (Part 1)
  • 02. When it Rains
  • 03. Corpus Textural
  • 04. Don’t Forget the Machine (Part 2)
  • 05. 960BXK (with Access to Arasaka)
  • 06. Something for Someone
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    Release Information
    • CATALOG: AR_015
    • RELEASE_DATE: December 29, 2011
    • TYPE: EP
    • LENGTH: 30:51
    • All tracks written by Philippe Vandal except track 05 with Access to Arasaka
    • Mastering by Tim Ballista
    • Photography by Philippe Vandal
    • Artwork by THEPOSTHUMAN
    • Thanks to: Pablo Benjamin, Tim Ballista, Robert Lioy & Nexus-Petrol


    Abstrakt Reflections is a platform & netlabel focused on the types we love.

    We watch for things more left-field, a creative space for abstract rhythms, otherworldly soundscapes and especially invention in electronic music today.

    We are open to anything else anyhow, devoted to high quality electronic music with a distinctive sound. Being creative and doing everything with heart is what we stand for.


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