Abstrakt Reflections
July 16, 2014
June 30, 2014

r.roo - nothing
We’re very proud to present r.roo‘s fourth full-album on Abstrakt Reflections.

“I’ve learned to experience feelings when I’m immerse into unreality. Here, they are empty worlds. They are nothing. Flux of colors, sounds, sensations. This chaos starts taking shape only when I begin to feel. Forms filled with sense. I define infinity. With my presence, nothing becomes something. It makes me happy and quiet. It’s going to keep happening until I collide with another self.”

This is now available for free download in high-quality MP3 and FLAC in both 16 & 24bit for the super audiophiles. Have a good listen!


June 25, 2014
May 30, 2014

Orgatanatos - Constructive

Constructive – an album about the world of randomized failures and errors of the future which belongs to robots. Attempt of self-understanding through difficult algorithm of sounds of the gone mankind. Digital imitation of emotions of artificial intelligence. As though your microwave oven tried to become the poet and started writing verses with means and ways available to it.

Artwork by ʞounterpart.
Bonus artwork also included: Set of 20 images representing each track on the album.


May 16, 2014


Directly from Central Asia – we present you our new artist duo: Orgatanatos.

They will be releasing a full album entitled “Constructive“. Feel free to check their profile and all the info about this upcoming album which is our next release! There’s a 20-minutes preview so you can see what is it about!



April 26, 2014
April 14, 2014

First Rebirth - Inner Darkness, Outer Light

Inner Darkness, Outer Light” is the first full-length album (and the second public release) by First Rebirth. It was over two years in the works – from 2011 to 2014 – and finally came out. Everything that’s pulled out from the inside, from the deepest depth – that is beyond the limit. That all is brought together in “Inner Darkness, Outer Light”.

Once again, special thanks to our mate r.roo for the mastering of this one.


March 25, 2014

We’re very proud to announce our new artist directly from Kaliningrad, Russia.

First Rebirth is a one-man project, a journey to the shards of subconscious and memory fragments through the prism of emotions. Perhaps someone will find something there for themselves.

Check out the preview for his upcoming full album “Inner Darkness, Outer Light”.

March 20, 2014
February 25, 2014