November 25, 2015


From beach physics to kitchen sink mechanics, this pack contains endlessly manipulated founds sounds. From granulated seagulls to flies landing on lamps, meticulously processed, finely edited and purposely premutated to become usable oneshots, pads and drum loops. All perfect to use in organic Drum & Bass styles and beyond. It’s a pack meant to be processed.

For more info head to Loopmasters website.

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November 24, 2015

Official music video of Ralp‘s track “Machine Iterations”, from the album “Cyborgraph” to be released this November 30!

Video directed by Device Studio.

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November 23, 2015

RalpHailing from Barcelona, Spain: Let’s welcome Ralp to the label!

My name is Raül Peix, I live in Barcelona and Ralp is my moniker. I consider myself a technology enthusiast, from retro to modern, I love synthesizers, analog and digital, and I like electronics, glitch, sci-fi, programming, and the DIY culture.

Ralp presents “Cyborgraph“, with remixes by JFrank, XZICD & c0ma.

Coming out soon this November 30!

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November 19, 2015

broken-thoughts-china-tourKeju Luo, along with his friend, guitarist Yuchen Li, prepared a 1 hour ambient set mixed with IDM, post rock and jazz elements, with materials taken mainly from Broken Thoughts latest album “Wave Function Collapse“, which is available for streaming or download here.

They’ve also invited some of the best visual artists of different styles in China, including VJ in_k and independent animator Shen Jie, to create video for each track in the setlist, which will be shown during the performance.

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November 17, 2015

Andrew Course - Phoenix DownWe’re really glad to finally drop this one!

“Come, take flight with Andrew’s digital phoenix in his pixellated glitchy soundscape. Experience the uplifting liberation from a tumultuous deep scratch on the vinyl, and let him push you straight into the depths of a distorted sound pit.”

Phoenix Down” features remixes from Lines, c0ma & Mr Moogyagi.

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November 9, 2015

Renoizer- Noise Theory
With “Noise Theory” Renoizer takes the listener into a dark world where melancholy reigns.

In this mass of heavy textures and rhythms, the artist brings us an intimate album with the image of a world in decline.

Challenge was to create his own audio identity from A to Z, while mixing, recording in the field of programming synthesizers as well as mastering.

Grab it now in high-quality MP3 & FLAC 16/24bit!
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October 12, 2015

c0ma-black-podcastLabel boss c0ma strikes back with this first episode of The Black Podcast – a series of mixes featuring his stuff as well as label stuff & other likes.

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September 30, 2015

The Ghost of 3.13 - Don't Look Back
Changing yourself for the better is a hard thing to do. Especially when you fell into a downward spiral.

You try not to look back, try to let go of the things of the past which got you into this place, but nothing seems to change and in the end, you just end up in the same dark hole.

Grab it now in high-quality MP3 & FLAC 16/24bit!
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September 21, 2015

The Ghost of 3.13
Many of you already know Mihai Costea because of his project You’re Terribly Late, he released this back then with us in 2012.

Now he joins us with his main project The Ghost of 3.13

He first started messing around with music production around 2004, being influenced by artists like The Flashbulb, Ben Frost, Aphex Twin, Deaf Center and Venetian Snares.

His music can be described as a mix between ambient, modern-classical, IDM, glitch and breakcore.

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