New year. New artists. closeyoureyes presents “vulnerabilis”
January 16, 2017

We’d like to kick off the year introducing you russian artist closeyoureyes with his debut album “vulnerabilis“.

In his eclectic music he combines fragile piano pieces arranged with orchestral instruments mixed with glitchy idm rhythms.

vulnerabilis” refers to a state of emotional instability on the edge of depression. It represents ┬áthe feeling when it is necessary to make choices and carry on, but you cannot find neither strength nor hope. Every human being is vulnerable and every decision that improves us makes us more vulnerable at the same time.

Out January 31st.

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About the label.

Abstrakt Reflections is a platform & netlabel focused on the types we love.

We watch for things more left-field, a creative space for abstract rhythms, otherworldly soundscapes and especially invention in electronic music today.

We are open to anything else anyhow, devoted to high quality electronic music with a distinctive sound. Being creative and doing everything with heart is what we stand for.


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